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Tender Writing

Tenders are often complicated and highly competitive. Expert support and advice on your tender response can boost your chances of success.

Rednet has years of experience in public and government sector tender writing. This know-how has helped many businesses win a wide range of contracts including local government council, construction, sporting facility upgrades and maintenance.

Our tender writing services help you stand out and find your compelling difference and competitive advantage.

Bid evaluators have a tough task. Not only do they need to wade through masses of documents, they are also charged with the role of picking out key elements which determine a quality bid. In the process they are weeding out the businesses which don’t tick all the boxes, securing the services of the best possible provider. So your tender writing needs to be on point.

At Rednet we like to win. There are no prizes for running a close second.

Tender Response Help

We offer tender help; if you are new to tendering or you are not getting past the EOI or RFT stage, you may need to get your company "Fit to Tender". This might involve writing company policies and procedures or gaining formal accreditations.

We will provide a thorough analysis of the tender document and detailed research into the buyer to create a better tender response. This helps us to understand what exactly the buyer will be looking for and allows us to align the submission to their needs.

Rednet specialises in tender help and can advise you on the formatting of your submissions, analyse the terms and conditions and ensure you submit a complying tender. Not only will submitting a tender with Rednet improve your winning rate, we will guide you in best practise to improve your business processes and policies. This supports you in delivering the contract to the new client and builds internal continuous improvement.


​​​Tender Help

Tenders can be a long, complicated process. Rednet can take that stress away and allow you to focus on your business. 

Rednet Tender Services


Act as a critical friend. Evaluating proposal documents to ensure that they are not only compliant but deliver a compelling pitch that maximises your chances of winning. We write proposals and persuasive content on your behalf to help alleviate the stress and confusion associated with a tender response.

Proposal graphic design. Creating impactful, professional proposal documents.

Create and maintain your company profile. Professional proposal graphic design immediately creates a positive impression with a buyer before they have even read a word. Whilst the opportunities for design in public sector tenders can be limited, the importance of a consistent appearance to your document and any diagrams, charts or attachments is essential and goes a long way in reinforcing a coherent approach to your proposal.

Our tender writing services help with writing tender answers and method statements to ensure you are submitting a complying tender and creating a high-scoring tender response that will net you new business.

Let Rednet help with your tender and improve the calibre of your submission and strike rate, allowing you to focus your efforts on your core business, doing what you do best.

Our design work with Adobe Creative Suite creates stylish proposal documents that effectively ensure the key proposal messages are conveyed and stands out from the crowd. In addition to graphic design for your tenders, we can create templates for your daily use that will help ensure your corporate identity is maintained by all your staff. These include capability statement brochure, industry and company brochures and project brochures that help ensure a positive tender response.

Our tender notification services will help alert you to tenders, expressions and registrations of interest from Local, State and Federal Government Departments across NSW, as well as the many Private organisations that are tendering on e-tendering portals in your business area.

Rednet is one of the top tender writing services, we physically review every tender to ensure that you only consider tenders that best suit your business, saving you time, effort and money.

I can not thank Rednet Business Solutions enough for winning a major tender that I honestly did not think we could win! After discussing the requirement and going over our ability to supply we now have a major contract in place for the next 3 years.

Anne Junkkarinen  -  Owner | Camden Haven Pool Chemicals